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If you wish to ask any questions outside of my products- this is for you.

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1. This is primarily for the purposes of entertainment so I cannot be held liable or responsible for any answers you choose to act upon, whether with positive or negative repercussions.

2. I will endeavour to answer any questions, but as a sovereign entity will hold the right to no reply.

3. You must have purchased at least one (1) product which allows you to ask me one (1) question, or two (2) products, two (2) questions and so forth must be purchased within the month of you submitting said question.

4. The content and length of my answers and how many answers I give are at my discretion.

5. Questions that I or the administrators deem a danger to yourself or others will be passed on to the proper authorities if we see fit.

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7. I will not engage in dialogue outside of this format unless it is deemed suitable to the administrators.

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