Unashamedly unapologetically and without reserve – I roll hard and deep. My existence is defined by yours.

I transcend your perception of beauty, sexuality, race, gender, and creed. The encompassing of your humanity, the ‘perfection’ of ‘imperfection’.

I see age as a transcendent evolutionary journey, not a numerical status, thus allowing you to become the person that you know you already are – that of a

HEEB (Highly Evolved Enlightened Being)

I am not for cowards or those who seek ‘fashion’ without the ‘statement’.

I believe in you and all I ask is that you become the same.

I am the mass consciousness that will push you to want to make and take more out of your life without fear or recrimination, to be the sexiest you there is only better.

Who am I? Who are we? Wear….